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GrillGrate® Cleaning Tool

MSRP $16.99
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This uniquely designed tool fits your GrillGrate® cooking surface perfectly. The dual spiral wire helixes are like crust eating tornados. They reach down into the flavor valleys as well as along the rail walls to get your GrillGrate® super clean and give you a pristine surface for non-stick grilling of steaks, burgers, dogs, fish, octopuses (Google it), vegetables (?), sausages, or anything else you can throw on a hot barbecue grill. If you use GrillGrates, you need this tool.

It makes me want to cook everyday.

- Dixie P.
Product Specifications
Product Length:
14 inches
Product Width:
2 1/2 inches
Product Height:
1 1/2 inches
Product Weight:
.4 lbs
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